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Canal Park Duluth MN


The mission of LightSpeed Lift is to design, produce, and distribute body weight suspension systems that help people of all abilities achieve their greatest movement potential.

Malcolm Macaulay, MS, PT.  Founder of LightSpeed Lift

Malcolm graduated from the College of St. Scholastica’s PT program in 1986.  Since that time he has treated clients of all ages and with all sorts of physical challenges in Duluth, MN.  In 1994 while treating a client with neck pain he realized that Body Weight Support could help runners prevent and recover from injuries.  Unsatisfied with existing support systems he experimented until developing a system that supplied the lift at the axis of human motion, the hip.  For the past 12 years the LightSpeed Lift  system has been refined while Malcolm also continues to treat clients.  Helping people to move better and seeing their smiles after challenging events is his ongoing passion.


Malcolm enjoys tennis, running especially trails, XC and downhill skiing, biking, lake swims, wave watching, spending time on and in the water, reading, general play and laughter.  All activities take second seat to spending time with family and inspiring playful and adventurous grandkids.

Malcolm Macaulay MS PT

Bud Trnka, Director of Sales and Marketing

Bud has been a full-time part of LightSpeed Lift since 2018. As a lifetime athlete, he has lived the hardship of beginning a fitness journey, injuries, mental challenges, and the joy of accomplishment. As an employee, Bud takes pride in sharing his knowledge and experience with all people. Since his first run on a LightSpeed Lift in 2012, he knew there was an incredible opportunity to change performance training. While it’s hard to pick a favorite memory with LightSpeed Lift, custom-ordered LightSpeed’s come to mind; of particular note are the custom systems inside the stunning new facility of Hayward Field.

When not working, Bud loves time with his daughter, dog, family, church, volunteering for local running events, and working as a trail swamper for the Minnesota DNR. Bud is also on the board of the Young Athletes Foundation, the charitable arm of Grandma’s Marathon.

Director of Sales at LightSpeed

The vision of LightSpeed Lift is to become the premier body weight suspension system. Customers will recognize that walking and running with the LightSpeed Lift suspension is an efficient, effective, and practical way to walk or run for better health and happiness.

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