Man Running on LightSpeed Treadmill

With LightSpeed, you’ll run
like never before.

The LightSpeed is a Body Weight Support System developed for physical rehabilitation and athletic training. The LightSpeed is designed to work with existing treadmills and allows for a controlled body weight lift of up to 35 lbs.

With the use of custom shorts or a lift-belt attachment device walking or running become easier, enjoyable and safe.

LightSpeed reduces impact force, encourages better form and increased speed.

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Run without pain

Want to get back on your feet again? Clinical studies have shown that body weight support machines help patients heal faster.

Recover faster

“Never have I felt as strong or as fast”

Thousands of athletes have experienced the benefits of body weight support systems. Here are some of their stories.


See the results!

Want to see what LightSpeed can do for you? Check out our six case studies of real people who have gotten back to running with LightSpeed.

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