LightSpeed Testimonials

Want to see what LightSpeed can do for you? Check out our six case studies of real people who have gotten back to running with LightSpeed.

What are users saying about the LightSpeed Body Weight Support system? Here’s a small sample.


I really love how the lift system keeps me centered on the treadmill. I can relax much like I do when running the trails. It is much easier mentally to run on a treadmill with LightSpeed support. I am also happy that my foot speed is improved. Rooty and rocky trails are easier after several training runs on the system.
Mike, ultramarathon trail runner

LightSpeed is an amazing product because of how it has helped me feel how fast my legs can turn over even when fatigued. I have really felt the difference in my 10k runs during triathlons. Never have I felt as strong or as fast as after training on the LightSpeed system. My personal training clients love the fact that they can experience faster running with less post-exercise pain.
Jess Rossing, 2011 USA Triathlon Team

I love running on LightSpeed. It seems like you are going faster than you thought you could and this gives me confidence when I am in races. Also, faster without injury.
Quintan, 10.9 100m high school runner

My legs had gotten slow from years of LSD [long slow distance] training. Training one time per week on the LightSpeed system enabled me to gain back leg speed and contributed to my qualifying for the 2012 women’s Olympic marathon trials. I have never done so much quality speed work without injury.
Katie McGee, marathon runner


LightSpeed dramatically improved my healing following a traumatic knee injury. As a runner, LightSpeed helped me recover both physically and mentally. I am confident I would not have healed as quickly or as fully without the use of LightSpeed. I wish I could send a video of me jumping up and down and thanking LightSpeed for my recovery following severe knee sprain.
Sally, knee injury rehabilitation

The LightSpeed system “taught” me how to walk again after having both knees replaced. Such a simple device with such amazing results should be available in all rehabilitation clinics.
Anne, recovered from bilateral total knee replacement

My legs and my head were bound up after I tore my ACL playing football. I thought my football days were over. After training on LightSpeed I regained my confidence and speed and was able to help my team advance to within one game of the NCAA DII championship game. I recently ran a 4.3 40 at an NFL combine tryout.
Zac, running back, recovery from ACL surgery

Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Personal Trainers

Our injured athletes are recovering faster using the LightSpeed system to recover from lower extremity injuries. Athletes appreciate how much faster it allows them to progress. Getting back game speed, so often a huge barrier with injured athletes is simple since I have been able to retrain form and fitness on the LightSpeed system. We are now incorporating LightSpeed overspeed training into our prehabilitation programs. Athletes and coaches love it!
Mike Wendinger, head athletic trainer, University of Minnesota–Duluth

Using the LightSpeed system in my patients’ rehabilitation programs gives me greater ability to get my patients to peak performance levels more quickly and with greater safety. LightSpeed gives my clients the lift and confidence they need to return to faster paced walking or running. Safety, effectiveness, satisfaction and outstanding results have convinced my referring doctors that LightSpeed should be part of their patients’ rehabilitation.
Jim Rauzi, PT, owner of Center for Muscle Joint Therapy

LightSpeed is different than any other training tool I have experienced. Not only did it help me strengthen my own knee following ACL reconstruction, it has also allowed me to serve a wide variety of my clients in a safe, fun, and innovative manner often with transformational results.
Lisa Paulson, head personal trainer, University of Minnesota–Duluth